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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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(A = Afganistan and I = Iraq)
Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
SSGT Matthew Ingham MARINES 1/11/2010 - A 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force Altoona
SFC Michael Shannon ARMY 1/17/2010 - A 7th Army Canadenis
LCPL Michael Freeman MARINES 2/1/2010 - A 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Fayetteville
LCPL Larry Johnson MARINES 2/18/2010 - A 2nd Combat Engr. Batl. Scranton
SGT Nathan Kennedy ARMY 4/27/2010 - A 4th Infintry Division Claysville
SGT Matthew Moran ARMY A   Butler
AFC Austin Gates Benson AIR FORCE 5/3/2010 54th Combat Comm. Squadron Hellertown
SSGT Richard J, Tieman ARMY 5/18/2010 - A Spec Troop Batl. / V Corps Waynesboro
SGT Derek L. Shanfield MARINES 6/8/2010 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Hastings
LCPL Michael Plank MARINES 6/9/2010 - A 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Elkland
1ST SGT Robert J. Fike ARMY 6/11/2010 - A   Conneautville
SSGT Bryan A. Hoover ARMY 6/11/2010 - A   West Elizabeth
SGT Joseph D. Caskey MARINES 6/26/2010 - A 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Pittsburgh
PFC David Jefferson ARMY 7/2/2010 - A 101st Airborne Brigade Philadelphia
SPC Louis R. Fastuca ARMY 7/5/2010 - A 173rd Airborne Brigade West Chester
SPC Jesse D. Reed ARMY 7/14/2010 - A 27th Engr. Batl. (Combat AB) Orefield
LCPL Abram L. Howard MARINES 7/27/2010 - A 4th Marine Logistic Group Williamsport
LCPL Joshua T. Twigg MARINES 9/2/2010 - A 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Indiana
SPC Joshua A. Harton ARMY 9/18/2010 - A 1st Brigade Combat Team Bethlehem
LCPL Ralph J. Fabbri MARINES 9/28/2010 - A 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Gallitzin
SSGT David J. Weigle ARMY 10/10/2010 - A 101st Airborne Brigade Philadelphia
SPC Dale J. Kridlo ARMY 11/7/2010 - A 20th Engr. Brigade Hughestown
SPC Anthony Vargas ARMY 11/8/2010 - A 101st Airborne Brigade Reading
SSGT Sean M. Flannery ARMY 11/22/2010 - A 101st Airborne Brigade Wyomissing
SSGT Justin E. Schmalsteig MARINES 12/15/2010 - A 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Pittsburgh
CPL Eric M. Torbert MARINES 12/18/2010 - A 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Lancaster
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