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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
SPC Christopher A. Golby ARMY 1/8/2004 3rd ACR Johnstown
SPC William R. Sturges Jr. ARMY 1/24/2004 1st CAV Spring Church
SPC Clint R. Matthews ARMY 3/19/2004 1st ID Bedford
SGT Mathew J. Sandri ARMY 3/20/2004   Shamokin
SPC Sean R. Mitchell ARMY 3/31/2004 1st ARMOR Youngville
LCPL Aric Barr USMC 4/3/2004 2/7 ECHO CO . Pittsburgh
SPC Shawn M. Davies ARMY 4/4/2004 82nd ABN Hopewell
SPC Edward W. Brabazon ARMY 4/9/2004 82nd ABN Philadelphia
SPC Jonathan R. Kephart ARMY 4/9/2004 7th ARMY Oil City
SSG Edward W. Carman ARMY 4/17/2004 2/12 CAVALRY Mckeesport
SPC Matthew J. Sandri ARMY 4/20/2004 82nd ABN Shamokin
SGT Sherwood R. Baker ARMY 4/26/2004 28th ID Plymouth
SPC Matrin W. Kondor ARMY 4/29/2004 1st ARMOR York
GYSGT Ronald E. Baum USMC 5/3/2004 2nd Marines Hollidaysburg
PFC Bradley G. Kritzer ARMY 5/5/2004 1st CAV Irvona
SPC Mark J. Kasecky ARMY 5/17/2004 28th ID Mckees Rocks
SPC Carl F. Curran II ARMY 5/17/2004 28th ID

Union City

SSG Jeremy R. Horton ARMY 5/21/2004 1st ARMOR Erie
PVT Bradli N. Coleman ARMY 5/30/2004 2nd ID Ford City
CPT Robert C. Scheetz Jr. ARMY 5/31/2004   Paxinos
CPL John H. Todd III USMC 6/29/2004 4th Marines Brigeport
SGT Dale T. Lloyd ARMY 7/19/2004 10th MT Watsontown
SPC Nicholas J. Zangara ARMY 7/24/2004 1st ID Philadelphia
LCPL Nicholas B. Morrison USMC 8/13/2004 2nd Marines Carlisle
1LT Neil A. Santoriello ARMY 8/13/2004 1st ID Verona
CPL Barton R. Humlhanz USMC 8/26/2004 2nd Marines Hellertown
SGT Brandon E. Adams ARMY 9/19/2004 10th MT Hollidaysburg
SPC Joshua J. Henry ARMY 9/20/2004 1st ID Avonmore
SPC Clifford L. Moxley Jr. ARMY 9/25/2004 28th ID New Castle
SPC Gregory A. Cox ARMY 9/27/2004 1st ID Carmichaels
SPC Rodney A. Jones ARMY 9/30/2004 1st CAV Philadelphia
SGT Andrew W. Brown ARMY 10/8/2004 1/509th INF Pleasant Mount
PFC Aaron J. Rusin ARMY 10/11/2004 2nd ID Johnstown
LTC Mark P. Phelan ARMY 10/13/2004 416th CA Green Lane
SGT Lonny D. Wells USMC 11/9/2004 2nd Marines Vandergrift
SSG Sean P. Huey ARMY 11/11/2004 2nd ID Fredericktown
SGT Joesph M. Nolan ARMY 11/18/2004 1st CAV Philadelphia
CPL Michael R. Cohen USMC 11/22/2004 3rd Marines Jacobus
CPL Kyle J. Renehen USMC 12/9/2004 2nd MAR AIRWING Oxford
SFC Paul Karpowich ARMY 12/21/2004 42nd ID Brigeport
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