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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
SPC Michael J. Smith ARMY 1/11/2005 2ND ID Media
SGT Brett D. Swank ARMY 1/24/2005 1/509th INF Northumberland County
CPL Kyle J. Grimes USMC 1/26/2005 3rd Marines Bethlehem
LCPL Saeed Torshizi USMC 1/26/2005   Slippery Rock
SGT Christopher A. Daniel ARMY 2/10/2005   Wilkes Barre
PVT Landon S. Giles ARMY 2/26/2005 3rd ID Indiana
PFC Michael W. Franklin ARMY 3/7/2005 2ND ID Coudersport
SPC Brett M. Hershey ARMY 3/26/2005 76th INF BDE State College
SGT Michael A. Marzano USMC 5/7/2005 2nd Marines Greenville
SSG Thor H. Ingraham ARMY 5/8/2005 2nd ID Murrysville
PFC Kenneth E. Zeigler III ARMY 5/12/2005 3rd ID Dillsburg
SGT Andrew R. Jodin ARMY 5/12/2005 3rd ID Karthauo
SGT Carl J. Morgain ARMY 5/22/2005 28th ID Butler
SSG Victor M. Cortez III ARMY 5/29/2005 3rd ID Erie
LCPL Robert T. Mininger USMC 6/6/2005 2nd Marines Sellersville
PFC Douglas E. Kashmer ARMY 6/8/2005 21st SUPCOM Sharon
1LT Louis E. Allen ARMY 6/8/2005 42nd ID Milford
PFC Joshua P. Klinger USMC 6/14/2005 2nd Marines Easton
SPC Robert E. Hall Jr. ARMY 6/28/2005 467th ENG.BATTALION Pittsburgh
LCPL Ryan J. Kovacicek USMC 7/10/2005 4th Marines Washington
SSG Joseph P. Goodrich USMC 7/10/2005 4th Marines Allegheny
PFC Nils G. Thompson ARMY 8/4/2005 25th ID Confluence
SGT Brahim J. Jeffcoat ARMY 8/6/2005 28th ID Philadelphia
SPC Kurt E. Krout ARMY 8/6/2005 28th ID Spinnertown
SPC Anthony N. Kalladeen ARMY 8/8/2005   Reading
PFC Nathaniel E. Detample ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Morrisville
SGT Francis J. Straub Jr. ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Philadelphia
SSG Ryan S. Ostrom ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Liberty
SPC Gennaro Pellegrini Jr. ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Philadelphia
SPC John Kulick ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Harleysville
SGT Dale Hardiman ARMY 9/10/2005   Friedens
SPC Jeremy M. Campbell ARMY 9/11/2005 16th MP BDE Middlebury
SGT Michael Egan ARMY 9/19/2005   Philadelphia
SPC William L. Evans ARMY 9/19/2005 28th ID Hallstead
SPC William V. Hernandez ARMY 9/19/2005 28th ID Reading
SSGT Shawn Graham   9/25/2005   Grove City
SPC Oliver J. Brown ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Athens
SPC Lee A. Wiegand ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Hallstead
SGT Eric W. Slebodnik ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Greenfield Twp.
SSG Daniel L. Arnold ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Monrose
SSG Geore A. Pugliese ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Carbondale
PFC Jason L. Frye USMC 10/6/2005 2nd Marines Landisburg
LCPL Patrick B. Kenney USMC 10/6/2005 2nd Marines Pittsburgh
SSG Troy S. Ezernack ARMY 10/9/2005 173rd INF Lancaster
LCPL Mfemfe W. Szwydek USMC 10/20/2005 2nd Marines Warfordsburg
SSG Daniel R. Lightner Jr. ARMY 10/27/2005 28th ID Hollidaysburg
MAJ Jefferey P. Toczylowski ARMY 11/3/2005 10th SF Upper Moreland
PVT Dylan R. Paytas ARMY 11/16/2005 3rd ID Freedom
SFC Brent A. Adams ARMY 12/1/2005 28th ID West View
SSG Keith A. Bennett ARMY 12/11/2005 28th ID Holtwood
1LT Michael J. Cleary ARMY 12/20/2005 3rd ID Dallas
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