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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
PFC James R. Dillon Jr. USMC 3/13/2003 1st Marines Grove City
LCPL Patrick R. Nixon USMC 3/23/2003   Doylestown
CPT Christopher S. Seifert ARMY 3/23/2003 101st Airborne Easton
LCPL Joseph B Maglione III USMC 4/1/2003 4th Marines Lansdale
SPC Donals S. Oaks ARMY 4/3/2003 75th FA Erie
CPT Tristan N. Aiken ARMY 4/4/2003 3rd ID State College
SSGT Stevon Booker ARMY 4/5/2003 64th Armored Div.


SPC George A. Mitchell Jr. ARMY 4/7/2003   Enola
SPC Zachariah W. Long ARMY 5/30/2003 525th MI Milton
SPC Michael T. Gleason ARMY 5/30/2003 525th MI Warren
SSGT Michael Dooley ARMY 6/8/2003 1st ARC Murraysville
1SG Christopher D. Coffin ARMY 7/1/2003 352nd CA Bethlehem
PFC Corey L. Small ARMY 7/2/2003 2nd ACR East Berlin
SGT Chad Keith ARMY 7/7/2003 82nd Airborne Lake City
SGT Christopher P. Geiger ARMY 7/9/2003   Allentown
SGT Jaror C. Puello-Coronado ARMY 7/13/2003 800th MP Pocono Summit
SPC William J. Maher III ARMY 7/28/2003 1st Armor Yardley
PFC Timmy R. Brown Jr. ARMY 8/12/2003 525th MI Conway
SPC Craig S. Ivory ARMY 8/17/2003 173rd Infantry Port Matilda
SPC Eric R. Hull ARMY 8/18/2003 220th MP BDE Uniontown
LTC Anthony L. Sherman ARMY 8/27/2003 99th RRC Pottstown
CPT Brian R. Faunce ARMY 9/18/2003 1st Armor Philadelphia
SPC Rafael L. Navea ARMY 9/27/2003 214th FA Pittsburgh
SGT Andrew J. Baddick ARMY 9/29/2003 82nd ANB Jim Thorpe
SSG Christopher E. Cutchall ARMY 9/29/2003 24th ID Mcconnellsburge
SPC Tammara J. Ramos ARMY 10/1/2003 3rd ACR Quakertown
SPC Douglas J. Weismantle ARMY 10/13/2003 82nd ABN Pittsburgh
1LT David R. Bernstein ARMY 10/18/2003 173rd INF Pheonixville
SSG Paul A. Sweeney ARMY 10/30/2003 3rd SF Lakeville
SPC Maurice J. Johnson ARMY 11/1/2003 101st ABN Levittown
SSGT Ernest G. Bucklew ARMY 11/2/2003 3rd ACR Enon Valley
SGT Nicholas A. Tomko ARMY 11/9/2003 307th MP CO. Pittsburgh
SGT Joseph Minucci II ARMY 11/13/2003 173rd INF Richeyville
SGT Timothy L. Hayslett ARMY 11/15/2003 1st Armor Newville
SSG Kimberly A. Voelz ARMY 12/14/2003 52nd OD Carlisle
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