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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
SGT Thomas E. Vandling ARMY 1/1/2007 303rd Psy Ops Co Pittsburgh
1ST SGT Keith A. Callahan ARMY 1/27/2007   McClure
LCPL Daniel J. Van Parys USMC 2/5/2007   New Tripoli
CPT Mark Resh ARMY 2/9/2007 1st Cavalry Division Fogelsville
SGT Russell A. Kurtz ARMY 2/11/2007 25th Infantry Div. Bethel Park
CPT Todd Siebert USMC 2/17/2007 2nd Marine Div. Baden
PFC Matthew C. Bowe ARMY 2/19/2007 89th Cav 10th Mtn Div Coraopolis
PVT Wesley J. Williams ARMY 3/2/2007 163rd Mil. 504th BDE Philadelphia
SPC Luis O. Rodriguez-Contrera ARMY 3/2/2007 2nd Bat. 5th Cav. Allentown
SGT Ashly L. Moyer ARMY 3/3/2007 630th MP Co. Emmaus
LCPL Dennis J. Veater USMC 3/9/2007 47th Support Grp. Jessup
PFC Orlando E. Gonzales ARMY 3/25/2007   New Freedom
MSGT Sean M. Thomas ARMY 3/27/2007   Harrisburg
PFC Aaron Genevic ARMY 4/2007   Tionesta
SPC Jason A. Shaffer ARMY 4/5/2007   Derry
CMDR Phillip Murray-Sweet NAVY 4/7/2007   Mechanicsburg
SSGT Steven R. Tudor ARMY 4/21/2007   Dunsmore
SPC Jeremy Maresh ARMY 4/24/2007 213TH Air Def. Art. Jim Thorpe
1LT Travis L. Marion ARMY 4/29/2007 1ST Rec. Batl/ 1st Mar Doylestown
1ST LT Colby J. Umbrell ARMY 5/3/2007   Doylestown
SGT Allen J. Dunckley ARMY 5/14/2007 3rd Infantry Div. Yardley
PFC Robert H. Dembrowski ARMY 5/24/2007 1ST BRGD Com. Team Ivyland
MSGT Arthur L. Lilly ARMY 6/15/2007 2nd Bat./ Sp. Forces Smithfield
PFC Larry Parks Jr. ARMY 6/18/2007 30th Inf. Reg 2 Brgd Altoona
SGT Raymond R. Buchan ARMY 7/1/2007 18th Inf. Reg 2 Brgd Johnstown
SPC Zachary R. Clouser ARMY 7/18/2007 1st Bat. 26th Inf. Dover
SPC Cami Florexil ARMY 7/24/2007 1st Bat. 28th Inf. Philadelphia
SPC Michael A. Hook ARMY 8/16/2007 25TH Inf Div/Com. Avi. Altoona
SFC Michael J. Tully ARMY 8/23/2007 2nd Brgd Spec Forces Falls Creek
SGT Jan Argonish ARMY 8/27/2007   Peckville
MSGT Scott R. Ball ARMY 8/27/2007 55th Brgd/5th Inf. Div Mt. Holly Springs
CPT Erick M. Foster ARMY 8/29/2007 73rd Cav. Reg /82nd Air B Wexford
SFC David Cooper Jr. ARMY 9/5/2007 23rd Inf Reg-2nd Inf Div Jersey Shore
PFC Adam J. Chitjian ARMY 10/25/2007 3rd Brgd Cmbt Team/1st Cav Div Philadelphia
SSGT David A. Weiger AIR FORCE 11/1/2007 Unit Detachment 303 North Hunington
SSGT Patrick F. Kutschbach ARMY 11/10/2007 1st Batl 10th Spec Forces McKees Rocks
CPT David Boris ARMY 11/12/2007 91st Cav Reg/ 173rd Air B Brgd Minersville
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