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The list below and the links there in are of our brave fallen heroes who we cherish and respect for all their sacrifice and dedication to their families in the fight for freedom for all. Click here, to report any errors or additions.
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Rank Name Branch Date Unit Hometown
CPL Albert P. Gettings USMC 1/5/2006 2nd Marines New Castle
LTC Michael E. McGlaughlin ARMY 1/5/2006 2nd Brig. Combat Team Mercer
PO3C John T. Fralish NAVY 2/6/2006 2nd Marines New Kensington
LCPL Steven L. Phillips USMC 2/7/2006   Spraggs
SGT Jonathan E. McColley USMC 2/16/2006 2nd MAW Gettysburg
CPT Bryan D. Willard USMC 2/16/2006 2nd MAW Hummelstown
SGT James F. Fordyce USMC 2/16/2006 2nd Marines Newtown Square
SFC Randy D. McCaulley ARMY 3/23/2006 28th ID Indiana
SPC Frederick A. Carlson ARMY 3/25/2006 28th ID Bethlehem
LCPL Jacob W. Beisel USMC 3/31/2006 2nd Marines Lackawaxen
SSG Eric A. McIntosh USMC 4/2/2006 2nd Marines Trafford
SPC Mark W. Melcher ARMY 4/15/2006 28th ID Pittsburgh
PVT Travis C. Zimmerman ARMY 4/22/2006 101st ABN New Berlinville
CPL Brandon M. Hardy USMC 4/28/2006 1st Marines Cochranville
SSG David M. Veverka ARMY 5/6/2006 28th ID Jamestown
PFC Stephen P. Snowberger III ARMY 5/11/2006 10th MT Lopez
LCPL Adam C. Conboy USMC 5/12/2006 3rd Marines Philadelphia
1ST LT Robert A. Seidel III ARMY 5/18/2006   Gettysburg
PFC Steven W. Freund USMC 5/23/2006 1st Marines Pleasant Hills
MSG Thomas D. Maholic ARMY 6/24/2006 7th SF Bradford
SFC Scott R. Smith ARMY 7/17/2006 52nd OD Punxsutawney
1SG Christofer C. Rafferty ARMY 7/21/2006 20th ENG BDE Brownsville
CPT Jason M. West ARMY 7/24/2006 1st Armor Pittsburgh
SPC Tristan Smith ARMY 8/27/2006 4th ID Bryth Athyn
PFC Justin W. Dreese ARMY 9/3/2006 82nd ABN Northcumberland Co.
SGT Jennifer M. Hartman ARMY 9/14/2006 4th ID New Ringold
SGT Alan R. Bevington ARMY 9/21/2006 1st Armor Beaver Falls
PO 3RD Roger A. Napper NAVY 10/7/2006   Greensburg
CPL Carl W. Johnson II ARMY 10/7/2006 2nd ID Philadelphia
PFC Shelby Feniello USMC 10/9/2006 1/6 C. Co. 1st PLT Connellsville
SGT Timothy Lauer ARMY 10/14/2006 4th ID Saegertown
SSG Joseph M. Kane ARMY 10/14/2006 4th ID Darby
CPL Russell Culbertson III ARMY 10/17/2006 4th ID Lone Pine
2LT Christopher E. Loudon ARMY 10/17/2006 4th ID Brockport
SFC Daniel A. Brozovich ARMY 10/18/2006 28th ID Greenville
SFC Tony I. Knier ARMY 10/21/2006 82nd ABN Sabinsville
SGT Charles J. McClain ARMY 11/1/2006   Burgettstown
PFC Albert M. Nelson ARMY 12/4/2006   Philadelphia
SPC Ross A. McGinnis ARMY 12/4/2006 2nd BGD Combat Div. Shippenville
SGT Brent Dunkleberger ARMY 12/12/2006   New Bloomfield
SSGT Jae S. Moon ARMY 12/25/2006   Levittown
SGT John T. Bubeck ARMY 12/26/2006   Collegeville
SGT Edward W. Shaffer ARMY 12/27/2006   Mont Alto
PVT David E. Dietrich ARMY 12/29/2006   Murrysville
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